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Bundling Insurance: Working with an Agent

Keeping up with several monthly insurance payments can be a pain. A couple of years back, I found a way to simplify the process. By purchasing my home, life, and auto insurance with one provider, I went from three to one monthly obligation to track. It did take a little while to find the right provider. Even then, I had to compare different plans, and work with an agent to create the bundle. Now that it is in place, there is no doubt that managing the household budget is easier. If you are wondering about insurance bundling, let me share how I did it. Before long, you will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are covered and what it feels like to deal with only one monthly insurance payment.



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Bundling Insurance: Working with an Agent

Four Tips For Avoiding A Car Accident: What Your Insurance Wants You To Know

by Dwayne Terry

Many accidents can be avoided. However, accidents still happen, so it is important to know what you can do to avoid them. This is especially important when it comes to dealing with insurance since you will not want to have to pay out of pocket for damages or receive points on your insurance record, which can increase your premiums. Here are five tips for avoiding accidents:

  1. Know How to Drive in Slick Road Conditions: Slick road conditions are probably the number one reason for major accidents on the road. This is because if there is black ice on the road, it is often undetected by drivers. Black ice develops in cold conditions, so if you know you are driving in colder conditions, then you need to be cautious and aware that there could be black ice beneath you. If you are driving and hit a guard rail, a tree, or a snow bank because of undetected black ice, your insurance will likely consider the accident to be an at-fault accident, which means you will have to pay for any damages that are done to your vehicle and you will receive points on your insurance record. To avoid this, be sure to coast slowly and keep a large stopping distance—or even stay home if you know the conditions outside are bad.
  2. Avoid Distractions While Driving: Of course, a concern for many drivers nowadays is the number of the distractions there are while driving. From smartphones to GPS devices, there are many ways you can get yourself involved in an accident. It is important to shut off your phone, even if it is not hand-held since talking can still be a distraction. If you are in an accident because you were distracted, then that would be considered an at-fault accident, as well. 
  3. Be Aware of Sun Glare: Sun glare can become a problem when driving, especially during sunrise and sunset. This is why you should be sure to always have sunglasses with you in your vehicle to prevent harsh sun glare. If you are in an accident because of sun glare, you will still be considered at fault. 
  4. Be Aware of Potholes: Another common problem for drivers are potholes. However, insurance will not be responsible for damages done to your vehicle if you drive over a pothole. This is because potholes are too common and are usually avoidable. This is why if you see a pothole that you cannot avoid, you should drive slowly over it. 

By knowing how to avoid some of the most common accidents that insurance companies consider at-fault, you can avoid paying out of pocket for repairs that could have otherwise been avoided. For more information, talk to an insurance agency, such as Drayden Insurance